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Books that helped me become a professional web developer

Tue 18th Jun 2013

I've been working full-time as a web developer since 2009, previously creating my first website with Microsoft's Frontpage in 2002 (remember that?!).

Apart from a taking a few modules on an Open University course, I've gained 99% of my skills autodidactically.

To do this...

A quick way to add a URL redirect feature to Wordpress categories

Tue 5th Mar 2013

My last job at a large multi-national company before my contract expired was to code their Russian website. A major problem that their Russian team faced was not having the resources to translate everything on the English language website or to be able to keep abreast of updates if the content on the English l...

Creating a reusable JavaScript form validation class

Sun 10th Feb 2013

Just recently I was looking at some of my old code. For a website build I had used HTML5 form validation with a JavaScript fallback. The form itself was a long one and I had created a module that saved the individual form values into an objects memory which was then validated in the next method. Something like...

Be careful when buying electronic goods from Amazon Associates

Sun 10th Feb 2013

Although I use a Mac at home, I also use Windows and Linux. For the latter I use an old CRT monitor. It weighs more than an elephant, but the colours and font-rendering is excellent. When LSD screens first appeared the picture quality was generally very poor, but new models, if you pay the right money, are fin...

Using CSS3 animation with the JavaScript CSSOM API

Sun 10th Feb 2013

One day IE7 and IE8 will die out and be a distant memory just like Netscape 4. JavaScript libraries like jQuery won't disappear but they'll be a lot less essential when all browsers conform to W3C standards.

However, what won't die out is the need for a JavaScript animation library. This r...

Is using @import in CSS really such a performance roadblock?

Sun 3rd Feb 2013

Just recently I found myself returning to an old style sheet that I had coded last year. It was vanilla CSS written without the help of a pre-processor.

Locating and rewriting the CSS involved far too much scrolling through 2,000 lines of code for my liking. It stuck me that if the code w...

Coders! Don't forget your CSS print styles!

Tue 29th Jan 2013

I rarely read long articles on the desktop instead preferring to print them out. I don't know if there are statistics out there, but I would imagine that this is a common practice.

Thankfully there is the wonderful Readability browser plugin that lets us change an article into a beautifully...